Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Ghosts of 1812 Walk Among Us


Some people believe that when a traumatic event happens
it sends ripples into time
the way a stone dropped into water
sends ripples in all directions.

They believe that is why some people know about a future event
before it happens and
why other people see ghosts from the past.


War is a traumatic event.
It certainly rocked Niagara 200 years ago.

And maybe it's because 2012 is the bicentennial of the War of 1812
that so many spirits of the people
who lived though it
and are buried in Victoria Lawn Cemetery in St. Catharines, 
have been walking  lately.


Last night someone reported seeing a journalist

from the 1912 St. Catharines Daily Standard
interviewing a local militia man from 1812.

Others insist the journalist was talking to an officer.

I personally witnessed a woman in a mob hat 
holding up her lantern and peering at the names on each tombstone.
I listened to her tell stories of the cruel
war and occupation of Niagara
from a woman's perspective


and I saw a boy,

actually the youngest person to serve in the War of 1812

sleeping under a tree.

Such stories of 1812 he told when he was awakened!

Everyone who was in the cemetery last night

was astonished by these unusual goings on.

The spirits however, 

being Canadian,

politely bade us farewell at the cemetery gates.

But they promised they'll be back!

 And you can see them on the

Victoria Lawn Cemetery
Guided Spirit Walk

Sept. 8.  5 and 7 pm
Sept. 14,  7pm
Sept. 15, 5 and 7 pm

by registration only

905-984-8880 (St. Catharines Museum)
$8 per person
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