Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labour Day Memories

Labour Day is the biggest day of the year in my working class home town of Merritton, Ontario, Canada.

Lots of kids, families, trucks and local entertainment.

It's a time to connect with old friends.

These aren't old friends.

I actually don't know these people.

But I do know the house. 

I lived in it until I went to university.

Like everybody in Merritton they were having a Labour Day party and didn't mind chatting and showing me what the house looks like now.

It brought back a lot of memories of my childhood.

However I really did meet up with some old friends.

This is Tiff and her gorgeous son Nate. 

We  were teaching partners one year, but the family connection is that I went to school in Merritton with her mother-in-law and father-in-law.

As a matter of fact  -  it was while I was babysitting with her mother-in-law that I kissed a boy for the first time!!

And yes we would have been in big trouble if we'd been caught.

This was the best part of the day I think. 

I swear it has been 50 years since I last had french fries and vinegar in a cardboard container on Labour Day.

Talk about heaven!!!

The years seem to have gone by so fast

and I suppose there thousands of Labour Day celebrations around the world every year

but there just can't be one better than the one in your own home town.

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