Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Heart a Parade!

I love parades. 

And today was the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival Parade!

The theme this year was "War of 1812".

Grapes are big business here.

This giant wine keg was left outside the American encampment at Queenston Heights in 1813. 

Just as the Americans were getting ready to uncork it, a brave battalion of Canadian Militia plus Laura Secord and Tecumpseh jumped out of it and killed every last one of them.

And that is how we won that war.   In case you were wondering.

Here is one of the descendants of our Six Nation allies.

Red coats and plumed hats! 

Very 19th century!

Of course everyone remembers the brave ladies who rode horses into battle with stars stuck to their rumps during the war of 1812!   

Nobody remembered what side they were on so we just cheered and pointed.

There was a large 2012 police presence at this year's parade for some reason.

And the fire fighters were also out in full force. 

Here they are taking donations for Community Cares and the food bank.

All the little girls wanted a princess hat!

Did I mention there were lots of horses in the parade this year?

This was my favourite part of the parade. 

These guys put on quite  show!

And they were "mature'! 

I told my friend Nadine that if we were lucky we might get a date!

I liked them, okay?


These fellas were just beautiful!

This is a replica of the plane WestJet flew during the War of 1812.

Now here is something that they never tell you in history class.

Apparently after he fell during the War of 1812, General Isaac Brock started a rock and roll band.

But he still finds time to keep the Americans on their side of the Niagara River with his trusty cannon.

A great many Irish and Scots fought in the War of 1812.

Then they all moved to Grimsby.

As I was taking all of this in, I felt someone tickling my foot.

He looked up at me and laughed.

This is the latest in grape harvesting machines. 

It's beautiful, all shiny and new!

 This was the best parade I've seen in years! 

 Rather than fight Our way upstream we followed the crowd to Montebello Park.

Because that's where the food was.

I had a piece of pizza.

All of the local wineries were there - serving and selling.

Next I tried a rice ball.

It was a 5 YUM experience.  I hadn't had one before and was pleasantly surprised by the cheesy centre.

Then I had a local vegetable tostada.

And little piggy that I am I finished with an apple kirchen with caramel.

Then we sat and watched the Six Nations Dancers.

They invited some people to go up on the stage and join them but by this time I weighed 2,567 pounds so I just watched.

It was a great day for a parade and a picnic in the park.

I can't wait for next year!
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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love these photos and your witty commentary.

Thanks for filling me in on the Trojan Wine Barrel. Why isn't it featured on the Govt of Canada's War of 1812 ad on TV?

Those star-spangled blue-and-white cowgirls? They were the Calgary contingent in the War of 1812. They flew down on that Westjet balloon. ANOTHER little known historical fact.

And those hunky guys doing the flag routines behind the truck with the TWO RAINBOW FLAGS on it? I think they bat for the other team, Francie. Sorry.


O, what a lovely day! So joyful and festive. I remember I loved Niagara. And ooh -- fire fighters. And cute fellows from Brock too.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I smiled and laughed through the whole thing, Francie! Your photos and your sense of humour are fantastic. I love the 'Trojan' Wine barrel :) And in addition to every other great thing about this wonderful had fire fighters in there...oh my... I'd show up just for them :)

The Episcopagan said...

Thanks for you comments everyone - it was a great parade!

That is so funny, Debra! I never noticed the Rainbow flag - just honed in on the good looking older men who could dance! Ha ha!

Anna St.Amand said...

Thanks for the memories of the Grape & Wine Festival. I loved the photos, commentary, and update on what's up in Niagara. When I stop working in an academic setting, perhaps we can accompany you for such a fun day!

The Episcopagan said...

That would be wonderful, my dear old friend! Are you and Susan retiring to Canada??? :)

momto8 said...

looks so fun!! We love parades here kids love when they throw the candy.
this was an interesting parade! your comments are fun.

Magaly Guerrero said...

That will teach them to be more mindful about the roots of their wine. Taken by the Trojan keg.

Um, I might have stared extra long at the firefighters ;-)

Doug Jamieson said...

Thanks Francie. You have such educational parades in the Niagara region. I learned many things that I had not known about General Brock and the ladies with stars on their bums, and all the cowboys you have over there, and the Trojan wine barrel, and so on, not to mention the superlative yellow flag men. I hope they got some of that War of 1812 Commemoration grant money that's floating around.

Pandorah's Box said...

Looks like it was a fun parade!! I laughed out loud when you called those flag waving folks 'mature', hahaha!

You are too much!

The Episcopagan said...

Thanks and thanks. And I don't care - I still love those guys with the flags!!

Victoria said...

Yay Francie..what a fun fabulous post..lovely festive pictures..gorgeous parade! Love those horses! and yummy food..great pics..lots of happy smiling people..thanks for the smiles today..wish i was there..such fun and spirit...hugs
Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving wkd friend..enjoy!