Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shop Till You ...Win a BBQ?

Corner Grocery Store
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The most irritating commercials on television these days advertise lotteries.

They never show people who win 50 million dollars giving some of it to charity or going off to work with the poor in Haiti.  They show selfish people having picnics on mountain tops or on an endless set of holidays wondering where they should go next.

And that is because lotteries are a form of taxation and the government doesn't care about your soul.


So cultivating my usual 'holier than thou' persona I have made a point of not buying lottery tickets. (Thin pinched nose in air.)

However, I do occasionally buy tickets on other things if the money is for a good cause and I like the item being sold.  (Cars for Hospice Niagara, Quilts to raise money by church ladies for various causes.)

I never win but I never feel my money is wasted either.


So I was über surprised to learn that I had won a $700 BBQ this week from the grocery store where I usually shop.


This isn't the first time I've won something from this grocery store.


I finally figured out that it is my shopping habits that increase my odds of winning. 


Like most people I have a card that they swipe each time that I make a purchase. 
Each time I do that I accumulate points that I can redeem for free food somewhere down the line if the world economy doesn't collapse and civilization as we know it doesn't end.


But I'm not and never have been a weekly shopper.  I go every day or two for a few things.

And each time I dutifully hand over my card to be swiped.


And evidently the grocery store throws the card numbers in a hat and has random draws.




My number must go into the hat a bizzillion times.


The point of this longish blog, my hungry friends, is that you may want to change your shopping habits.


And by the way, anybody want to buy a BBQ?

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