Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Tears of Old Mary

I was looking at pictures of religious statues last week and came across a Kitchen Madonna.

They are charming statues of the Virgin Mary holding a broom or doing some other form of house work.

They are meant to be kept in a woman's kitchen, hence the name.

Of course it is the Goddess, but I won't tell the Pope if you won't.

Anyway, at this point in my life, my concern isn't with my kitchen,

although maybe it should be.

My concern is with aging and mortality.

I began to wonder if the face of the Virgin ever got old.

Was she also the Crone?

Surely She would understand the pain of aging and death.

I haven't done any art since my elderly father died last September

but the muse is back.

I decided to draw Mary as an old woman.

What I saw when I finished wasn't  a Lady of Sorrows.


Mary has an attitude!

And I have a feeling if you catch the tears of Old Mary

you'll be blessed with courage and creativity for all your days! 


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