Friday, July 6, 2012

Making Ontario Teachers Healthy Again

When the government cuts the number of sick days allotted

to Ontario teachers the only possible response is

for teachers to cut some of the things
that are making them sick.

Start with those insane report cards.

This is my grade 6 report, marks page first. 

I was an okay student but obviously by February the glow had worn off.

And it was the year I noticed boys - which didn't help.


I managed to earn 57 in composition and grammar and 53 in spelling.

Now read the teacher's comment:

Frances needs to give extra time and effort to English subjects.

It put the responsibility on me. 

I had to smarten up, not my teacher and not my parents.

Now notice the side titled 'Citizenship', i.e. work habits, social habits.

Only if there was a problem was the teacher required to mark an X.

And that was it.

My whole report card.

Nothing more needed to be said.


Dump the reports and come up with something more realistic.

Do it now while you have some leverage.

They aren't paying you enough.

(And they sure as hell ain't gonna be giving you the days to recover
if you get sick!)

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