Sunday, February 20, 2011

DSBN Again

I wasn't going to say another word about the DSBN Academy but then I read the article, "Where Was Debate?" in Saturday's St. Catharines Standard.

"We thought people would be more willing to help children in need."  Board Chairman Kevin Maves.

"I don't think anyone would have predicted the amount of negativity that came from trying to help some kids ..."  Trustee Dalton Clark


After countless radio talk shows, news paper articles and letters to the editor these guys still don't get it.

But worse than that, they see themselves as misunderstood heroes, the shocked public as the Evil Empire.

I doubt that we will ever get the truth of what happened.

It doesn't look as if anyone is going to change his or her story about how this whole idea came to fruition, and personally I don't care at this point.

It is time to move on.

As a taxpayer and whole hearted supporter/believer in the public school system I think the board should postpone the opening of the DSBN Academy for a year while other possibilities are investigated.

And get a grip, Mr. Board Chairman.

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Doug Jamieson said...

The comments from the Board Chairman and the trustee show how difficult it is to admit that a strongly held belief is wrong, or even that there may be another legitimate point of view.

I think we all get dug into these positions from time to time. Damned human nature!

The Episcopagan said...

Hmmm. (thinking)

Well it seems to me that the more testosterone one has the more likely it is to happen.

Could be wrong though.

I'll take it back if you want me to.