Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Will Fight Them Over the Phone, I Will Fight Them Online, I Will Never Surrender

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I'm trying to avoid paying the multi-bizzillion dollar conglomerate Bell Canada the $2 fee they charge for a paper bill every month.

 After many calls to India, I have given up trying to get help over the phone.

As far as I can tell the problem is that my cell phone and the turbo hub I recently purchased are from two different branches of Bell.  The right hand of Bell doesn't know what the left sold me.

Here's what happened when I used their e-mail customer service to sort out the problem. Which, by the way,  I was advised to do by someone in Bombay.

Francie to Ma Bell, Saturday

Category : E-bill

Topic : Username and password

Dear Ma,

I am unable to get my web activation code because I have a turbo hub.

In billing step #2 it won't accept my mobile number.

It will accept my turbo hub number but there is no place that I can see to retrieve the number.

I love the product, but registering for the billing has been extraordinarily frustrating.

Please help.


Ma Bell to Francie, Tuesday

Good day Frances Mcglynn,

Thank you for using our website.

My name is Carl (Emp# 6000260). I have read your email and I wish to clarify that I am unable to assist you at this time since your name does not appear on this profile as the account holder or contact person.

I suggest that the account holder or contact person authorize your access by adding your name as a contact person.

We hope you will understand that these security measures are in place in order to protect client accounts from unauthorized access.

I would like to thank you, Ms. Mcglynn, for using our website and for choosing Bell Mobility as your wireless communications provider.

Kind regards and have a nice day,

Carl (Emp# 6000260)

Bell Mobility - Online Client Care

Francie to Ma Bell, Tuesday

Dear Carl (Emp# 6000260),

I am simply trying to arrange a method whereby I can pay my bill.

I have no idea what you mean when you say my name does not appear on the profile as the account number for the contact person.

Would you mind telling me whose name does appear there? Perhaps they would like to pay my bill.


Frances McGlynn


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Doug Jamieson said...

Hang in there, Francie. Remember, if you give up, the terrorists win, or something.