Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Sent a Letter To My Love ...

The Mailbox Poem

I wanted to visit Grandma
I missed her smiling face.
But I didn't have the plane fare
To travel to her place.
So I hopped into a mailbox
With a stamp and her address
That's how I got to grandmas
By next day express !!



Here's one of my favourite Pelham mailboxes!

It shouts, "Proud to be a Farmer!"


This cylindrical mailbox gets the nod for most amusing or scariest. 

Take your pick.

On one hand it looks like a particularly ugly toilet paper dispenser.

On the other hand

it reminds me of one of those white railway cars that carry poisonous substances! 


This is a seasonal mailbox.

Right now it is decorated with evergreen boughs and Christmas decorations

 in the spring and summer the box is full of cascading flowers..

What could be cooler than a barn mailbox! 

If this was mine I would have glued little plastic cows on the roof.


Some mailboxes are just plain classy!

This Pelham horse farm owner has perhaps, the most elegant mail box in the area.

"Farmers Feed Cities"

And this farmer with the fancy dancy corn cob mail box isn't going to let you forget it!

Some mailboxes do extra duty.

This one tells the passerby what the farmer is selling that day.

Of course some Pelham mailboxes are painted red to match the closest phone booth.


Merry Christmas, Everyone! 


Doug Jamieson said...

These were great. Interesting to see how people personalize something as mundane as a mailbox. Pelham seems to be a hotbed for tarted up mailboxes. Maybe should have a competition, or a Mailbox Festival. Happy New Year.

The Episcopagan said...

It's true we're cutting edge when it comes to mail boxes, Doug. The envy of the world, I suspect.

Happy New Year to you, too!