Thursday, June 27, 2013

It Ain't Your Mother's Newspaper

One of the more interesting struggles to watch in this
post-modern age has been the plight of our local small

city newspapers.

 How can you roll with wireless punches when you are
a paper based industry?

How can you serve a small city fairly when you are owned

by a conglomerate that sets a rigid political framework
within which you must work?


As a long time newspaper junkie I'm an interested observer. 

And what I observed was that although the irritating one-sided
right wing columnists are still there a lot of other things I used to

enjoy in the St. Catharines Standard are not. 

 So a few weeks ago I was actually thinking of cancelling
my subscription.

But then I began to notice a change. 

The headlines are now about local issues and people. 

A few national and international stories are buried


I wasn't sure about it at first.


But I'm beginning to see the St. Catharines Standard's
cost cutting efforts as a big plus.


Suddenly the message is:


Local issues matter.

Local issues are important.


It's a small twist in newspaper attitude but it may
be the right twist. 

I like it.

And I'm keeping my subscription.


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