Thursday, April 18, 2013

Eatin' High on the Hog

Cover of "Canadian Bacon"
Cover of Canadian Bacon

What the heck is Canadian bacon?

I've wondered about it for years.

Americans talk about our bacon as if it drops on
the tundra like frozen manna.

I finally asked Travis Erwin of  Bacon, Beer & Books. 

He's from Texas and posted a pretty funny blog about
Canadian food yesterday which you can read here.

This is how he described Canadian bacon to me:

What is called Canadian Bacon here is not like our regular

It's sort of like ham and some pizza places just substitute
ham but what I call real Canadian bacon is different.

It has the look of ham but is thin sliced or shredded and is
best when crispy on the edges with just enough saltiness to

bring out the fine pork flavor.

The light dawned. 

I think.

But what say you, my fellow Canuckians?

Are we talking something exotic, delicious and totally

unavailable in Canada or are we talking ...


humble peameal bacon??

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