Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"All The Banks Do It"

Royal Bank of Canada's previous logo (the crow...
Royal Bank of Canada's previous logo (the crown was removed). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2007, according to McLean's Magazine, the CEO of the

Royal Bank of Canada took home over 



But this year, (although his salary has increased since '07),
the CEO was not a happy camper.

There was still some loose change out there.

So he and his henchpersons found a loophole in Canadian
law that allowed them to fire a bunch of Canadian bank workers

and replace them with foreign workers who would work for peanuts.

But one of the Canadian workers blabbed to the CBC and soon
the news of corporate greed was spread across the land.

As outraged as most other Canadians I phoned the bank.

"Other banks do it too," said the Service rep.


I suppose he thought I'd go away happy when I heard that.

Instead I began the long process of disengaging from the
Royal Bank.

I joined a Credit Union.

It has taken quite a bit of my time because I bank online
and have my bills withdrawn electronically.

And the dust won't settle on the whole process for a few months
I'm sure, but the hardest part is over.


Losing my two tiny little bank accounts isn't going to bring RBC
to its knees.


But I'm standing taller today.

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