Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Red Fleurs of Quebec

Since 1759 we've liked our Quebecers French.

But not too French.

I mean we want them to change their laws

and get those road signs en anglais aussi

so we can look like we know where we're

going when we visit, eh?

But if they won't change their signs, well,

c'est la vie,

we don't go there that often anyway

and Quebec is, well ... ... Quebec.


Toujours cranky.


No big deal.


But to Quebec's minority English speaking community

language is a big deal.

And maybe we should be paying more attention.


If you live in Ontario you've probably met some people

who used to be a part of the Anglo community in

la belle province.

These new Ontarians don't look like your grandparents

looked when they got off the boat from Hong Kong or the

Ukraine in 1903 - all tattered mismatched clothes, bare feet

and empty bellies.


Quebec's refugee Anglos look like us.

They sound like us too,

just more pissed off.

Meanwhile inside Quebec the struggle for justice

and a unified country goes on

by people who believe in Canada.

And I'm afraid that if it isn't our battle now,

it will be when the next referendum rolls around.


For a grassroots commentary from the Anglo community

in Quebec you can follow

@redfleurquebec on twitter


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