Monday, March 18, 2013

The Jokster Pope-ster

Antichristus, a woodcut by Lucas Cranach of th...
Antichristus, a woodcut by Lucas Cranach of the pope using the temporal power to grant authority to a generously contributing ruler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day a friend of mine said she was surprised

that I hadn't blogged about the pope.

I said that I supposed that I didn't

because I didn't think there was anything to say.

I figured that I was beyond caring.

And I am.

But not beyond a good laugh.

According to the Grant Rant, (by Grant Lafleche), which I read with

my own little eyes in the St. Catharines Standard tonight

Pope Francis the Oneth actually wrote this:

Women are naturally unfit for political office. 
Both the natural order and the facts
show us that the political being par excellence is male;
the scripture shows us that woman has always been
the helper of men
who thinks and does but nothing more.


Ya gotta give the guy some credit.

That's pretty funny stuff.

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