Saturday, November 3, 2012

If You Haven't Got Something Nice to Say ...

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Canadians tend to look and sound like Americans.

And maybe that is why some of us think that we have the right to insult

American politicians.

I'm not talking about criticism.

I have been known to criticize the policies of American politicians.

But I also have a habit of criticizing English, German and most of all Canadian politicians and their policies, too.

I'm talking about personal attacks of the most vile nature.

I have been shamed by some comments posted and or forwarded by Canadians during this American presidential election.  

American policies affect us. 

America is the elephant in our bed, as Pierre Trudeau famously said.

But t isn't our election and it isn't our place to publically question
the integrity, honesty or moral values of the people who run for their public


Is this what we turn into when there is no hockey?

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