Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bell, The Company I Love To Hate

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English: SVG version of the new Bell Canada logo as of 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went down to the local mall a few days ago looking for a winter hat.

On my way back to the spy car I passed the Bell Canada store.

"I'll just go in and browse," I thought.

As soon as I stepped through the door Handsomeyoungman made a bee line for me.

"Oh," I trilled and blushed at all this masculine attention, "I don't NEED a smart phone, I was just curious about them"

Well, within minutes, Hansomeyoungman had me outfitted with a new smart phone that did everything but the kitchen dishes.
And all for only $10 more a month than I'm paying now.

"Wow!" I breathed, staring up at him in admiration.

Then I thought for a minute. "Hmmm. Are you sure you can switch me over from Bell Mobility? I might still have a contract with them"

"No problem," said Handsomeyoungman, (and this is a direct quote), "We're just one big happy family."


But my Bell Mobility cell phone, for some inexplicable reason,  is registered in my late father's name.

"Pardon?" I said when he told me. "My father was almost 90.  He didn't have a cell phone.  He didn't know how to use one. And the payment comes directly out of my account.  How could this happen?"

"Well, we can't explain these things and we can't help you until you bring us a death certificate," said Handsomeyoungman's supervisor who had joined us.

"I gave you a death certificate when I cancelled his land line last year," I pointed out.

"Well I can't be expected to remember that," she huffed. "Maybe if it had been last week ..." she was getting into deep water and her voice trailed off. 

She looked around for someone less troublesome to whom she could sell a phone.

"Are you telling me that in this day and age, Bell Canada cannot check its records and then get on the phone and call Bell Mobility?"

By this time I was standing in the middle of the store totally outraged.  My face was as red as my jacket.
I hadn't wanted a phone when I went in, but things were different now that I knew I couldn't have one.

It was a Mexican standoff between two middle aged Canadian ladies.

Handsomeyoungman was on the side lines wringing his hands.

"That's what I'm telling you. We are two completely separate companies!

And with that, she walked to the back room and shut the door.

Anyway I started this blog by mentioning that I was in the mall looking for a hat.  I was looking for a hat because I'm going to Ottawa for a few days for the national Remembrance Day Ceremony with some family members. 

Watch for me on TV!

I'll be the only one in the crowd without a smart phone.

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Anonymous said...

Not such a big happy family after all! Actually, they sound like many a family, where one branch won't speak to another.

Jane said...

Hahaha! I can almost imagine you in your red coat & face :D Tracey makes a good point - they sound just like some 'families'. How frustrating and infuriating for you. We already hate Bell in this house and will never use them again after our last bad experience.

I happen to be one of the last people in North America who doesn't have a cell phone of any sort - it works for me, although I just read yesterday that Bell is fixing to remove a lot of public pay phones (in Ontario & Quebec at this point) if they are denied the right to hike their rates to $1 per call. It's getting harder every year to even find a pay phone.

Enjoy your time in Ottawa :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Telephone companies are The Devil Himself. Not surprised at your experience.

I watch the Remembrance Day ceremony from Ottawa every year on CBC -- I'll be looking for you! I hope the weather is mild on Nov 11.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

So much for being 'one big happy family' :) If it'll make you feel better, Francie, we feel the say way about Bell in this house; we have our fair share of frustrating stories to tell. Enjoy your visit to Ottawa, and please share photos if you take some!

Introverted Art said...

OMG, I hate that!!!!!! It's like most services, right hand has no idea what left hand is doing and you are left scratching until you have a rash!

Pandorah's Box said...

Hahahah! The last paragraph was hilarious.

I despise all phone companies. Period. I think they teach them bad manners in their training centers, and how to be the worst at customer service.

Sorry that had to happen to you!

Doug Jamieson said...

Narrow escape. My smartphone is much smarter than its owner, and has a commensurate monthly salary. $10 more per month is a joke. More like $100 if you use the apps that make it worth having.

Don't get me started on Bell, which may be the least customer-friendly company in the entire world.

Did you get the hat?