Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Janie Canuck, Hallowe'en Crime Fighter

The above picture is the only known photo of Janie Canuck, Hallowe'en Crime Fighter.

Her fearsome costume strikes, well ..., 'fear' into the hearts of would-be candy thieves.


Thousands of letters pour in each year from all regions of Canada, thanking her and asking for more information about her super powers.


So for what it is worth, boys and girls, here is the little I have been able to learn about this well known but elusive heroine:


Her chapeau:  Janie Canuck really, really, really wants one of those big, red, rubber maple leaf hats but for now she is stuck with  wears this three pronged toque.

Her cape: The rumour that her cape of invincibility flies on a flag pole somewhere in Southern Ontario the rest of the year, it totally false.

Her breast plate:  Janie Canuck still believes in the blue and white.

The pants that gird her powerful loins:  red flannel pjs cunningly adorned with pictures of little white moose.

Magic mukluks:  These enable her to fight Hallowe'en crime wherever it occurs.

They can transport her in the twinkling of an eye from Tuktoyaktuk to Moose Jaw  to the Gaspé to St. John's.


What a gal!

So on behalf of all Canadians I I'd like to take this opportunity to say,

Thanks Janie Canuck!

(And to wish everyone a Happy Hallowe'en!)


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