Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dereen's Little Girl

It took a second for me to recognize the beautiful, young woman with the strong, friendly face who was walking towards me saying my name.
I had promised myself that I wouldn't cry, but I did. 

Meghan Hildebrand's late  mom was an artist in the Yukon and a good friend of mine.

And I hadn't seen Meghan, who now lives in Powell River, BC with her husband, since she was a child.
Today Meghan is a successful artist whose work is carried by Mayberry Fine Art which operates out of Toronto and Winnipeg.
This week-end she was in Toronto because two of her pieces were being shown at the Toronto International Art Fair.

My first reaction, which hasn't changed, was  "How powerful!"
There is an abundance of life and passion in these pictures.


I was pleased when the gallery owner brought out two more of her paintings and set them on the floor for me to see.
All I could think of was a day many years ago in Dawson City, Yukon.
I was talking to her mom while she worked and at the same time I watched Meghan who was using one of her mom's brushes to do her own painting.
She wasn't even old enough to walk.
She went on to study art at the Kootenay School of Fine Arts in Nelson, BC and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax.

I'm someone who likes details. 
This is a detail from the picture in the bottom left.
(apologies for my bad photography)
She takes her themes from the quilt and the river.
You can read women's history and B.C. politics into her work or you can simply take pleasure in the intense joy of each picture. 

Here we are just before I had to leave.

It was a wonderful day

and I wish I could tell her mom all about it.


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