Thursday, December 15, 2011


Christmas cards - so innocuous on the surface, eh?

But underneath all that glitter and good cheer lurks a dark history.

In my family, anyway.

Every year in early December my mother would pull out the box of the last year's Christmas cards. 

She would cross check diligently with


of people we got cards from the year before.

Great offense would be taken if it was discovered we hadn't gotten a card from someone to whom we had sent a card.

In anger she would scratch the hateful name from


My mother, normally a loving, friendly person, would turn vengeful and mean spirited during this yearly ritual.

Christmas became a time of unfriending people.

It upset me and I came to dread the time of


Consequently, I've never been one for Christmas cards.

 Bu I feel guilty ...

because ...

even though I never send them, I still appear to be on


belonging to some of my friends.

So here is my Christmas card to everyone:

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Doug Jamieson said...

Your Mom was just ahead of her time. That's just like unfollowing people who don't follow us back on Twitter. BTW, my Mom did the same thing. Must have been some sort of Great Depression thing.