Monday, December 26, 2011


Today I'm thinking of my friend Jane

and her daughters Sarah and Amy
who lost their husband and father,
early this morning.

The trouble with grieving is that it isn't something that you can help another person do or that anyone can do for you.

And I sometimes wonder if the act of dying isn't easier than the grieving of those left behind.

I was luckier than most in that having had the last six years to look after my father, I was able to get to know him and forge  a 'grown up' relationship. 

The double edged sword was that as he became more and more frail he became a good companion with whom I spent many hours. 

On occasion my grief still rolls over me like a giant wave.

In the darkest days of December, it is hard to remember that spring will come again,
that life is a cycle.
But it will and it is.

"The Rose" says it best.

 Rest In Peace, Peter.

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