Monday, December 19, 2011

Go Brian Lilley Go

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Well I never!

Meaning, 'Well I never thought I'd agree with anything Brian Lilley of Sun News Media says'.

Did you catch his latest rant against the state broadcast... I mean the CBC?

According to Mr. Lilley only the CBC has the legal right to broadcast Canada Day celebrations. 

That's right. 

Only the CBC is allowed to air the show you think you should watch, (even though they never show  the fireworks at the end), because it is your patriotic duty.

Only the CBC is allowed to air our birthday show.

And that paricular sacred cow of a show  is

Every single, solitary, flippin' word the announcers say is translated into flippin' French or flippin' English and you can't understand their flippin' words in either flippin' language because they stand right in the middle of what looks and sounds like a flippin' screaming rent -a-mob.


I usually get so tired of all the bilingual windiness that I turn to something else. 

A football game, curling, golf. Anything.

Brian Lilley, intrepid right leaning news reporter, questions the legality of the CBC's monopoly on Canada Day celebrations.

He thinks that Sun News Media should get a kick at the national can, too.

And Brian, for once I'm on your side.

I 100% support you in your quest.


The CBC really needs a shakeup.

Some razzle dazzle.

And a lot less complacency.

And you guys down at Sun Media might be just the folks to jump start the process.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Can't agree with you on this one! You know I loves me the CBC, LOL!

The Episcopagan said...

I loves da CBC, too, Sista. Just think they need some ruffin' up.