Friday, April 1, 2011

Get sexy, Fight Back, Vote Green

Farmer in North Pelham prunes orchard this week.

Not Sexy:

(Not too likely you'll hear about it.)

Last year the Federal Government set aside $22.3M for Niagara farmers to pull out fruit trees.

This year the Pelham Mayor and Town Council are valiantly fighting a Provincial Bill that will allow more of our prime agricultural land to be given over to developers.


(You might hear about it, but it isn't clear about why it is happening.)

The canneries are closed, family farms are being sold, unemployment is high, food banks are running out of food, 5,400 children in our public school system alone are in need.

Here in the heart of Canada's green belt our grocery stores are jammed with produce from China, Mexico, Argentina etc.


(It's everywhere.)

 The big guys in the  Broadcasting Consortium win.

The Green Party with its ideas about sustainable resources is barred from the televised leaders debate.

Get Sexy, Fight Back! 

Vote Green.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I used the "Vote Compass" at to see which party matches my ideas the closest and I got the Greens. Which surprised me because I thought it would turn up NDP.

The Episcopagan said...

That is great, Debra!

I was surprised at the Compass poll because i am evidently a Liberal. I take a much harder line on Quebec than the Greens do. But I believe we are moving into difficult times and Quebec isn't the main issue.