Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Authentic Old White Woman

There are a lot of evil-looking, bloated things floating to the surface during this election campaign.

Much of it alarms me and for what it is worth I do find myself making outraged tweets and posting blogs every few days.

But on twitter I usually feel a lot like my family's late, much loved, old beagle.

Banjo liked to think he was in the thick of things.

If bigger, younger dogs were roughhousing, he would bark and run along beside them pretending to himself that he was part of the action.

I post the same things I say on twitter to face book, but I have a completely different feeling about it, mainly because on fb more people read my blogs.

Worse still, people I know read my blogs.

The result is that while I feel like a non-player on twitter, on face book I feel like a political zealot, a crazed Louis Riel raving away at the Federal government issuing fatwahs every second day and I always suspect that people think that I have gone over the edge.

I worry about that.

A lot.

Probably more than I should.

This morning I read Geezeronline's blog about being authentic.

Heaven knows most women spend their lives trying to please other people - unless they are as rich as Oprah or on anti-depressants in which case they don't give a flying fig about anything.

(Speaking from past experience.)

I guess a benefit of being an old white woman with no addictions at present other than blogging, is that I can be authentic, (online anyway), and say what I really think.

If I could just get rid of my guilt for daring to say it ...
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