Friday, January 24, 2014

My Brother, My Sister


I've recently started reading Anne Baring's Book  

The Dream of the Cosmos, A Quest for the Soul.

She speaks of the soul as a cosmic web.

Not something we 'have' rather something we,

(meaning all living things: men, women, animals,

plants, water air, the earth), are a part of.

She says it is an ancient idea that

needs to be resurrected if we are to survive.

The pink blanket behind the two figures

represents that cosmic web of souls. 

The figures are part human, part animal

part spirit.


The title of the picture is "My Brother, My Sister".

It is about 20 1/2" by 14




seeing as I haven't had a contest in awhile

I think I'll have a Valentine's Day Draw.


If you would like to be the proud owner of  

this strange, unframed, unmatted sketch

you just have to follow my blog and leave

a comment or tell me how talented I am

on my face book wall.  

(Don't leave it on Google+

as I've never figured it out.)


Good luck.

Hope somebody enters.


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