Monday, January 6, 2014

Forbidden Apples Sold Here

The subject matter isn't important here.

I mean anyone can tell at a glance that it is Adam, Eve, Yahweh and Ishtar in the Garden of Eden and the serpent, (Yahweh hasn't taken its legs away yet), is selling forbidden apples for $5 bucks each.  


Of greater interest is the fact that I may have solved the problem of muddy glazes!!!!


I decided to lay a glaze over the ink before I put down the colour.

Then I glazed the picture a second time.

Absolutely thrilling to see the colours stay so true.

♪♪♪  How I love my sketchbook  ♪♪♪
PS I forgot to mention the hungry birds who want to steal the apples from the serpent. Too obvious?

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