Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Balls of Yahweh; Sunday Thoughts

Birth of a Middle-aged Woman  
The Goddess birthing the new woman. 
Pencil and pencil crayon.  I did this about 20 years ago
when I read, "When God was a Woman."

If you haven't been touched by the re-emergence of the Goddess
you will be.

And the more who are drawn to Her the stronger She gets.

But does the Goddess need a man-god to keep her company?
Does She need surly old testosterone driven Yahweh sniffing
at Her skirts?

I think she does.

We need the birthing of the Creatrix and the balls of Yahweh

in equal parts in this post-modern, post-church era if we are to
heal the planet and survive as a species.

The new woman is born spitting pearls, i.e., speaking her mind. 
But it can't happen within any of the existing churches.
Christians who think they can keep a foot in both camps
are delusional.
Sooner or later The Church will silence them.

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