Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammo - or Not

Atheist Manifesto
Atheist Manifesto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our atheist soldiers are asking for counselling by other atheists
rather than by Christians according to the national pulse taker,

Rex Murphy (CBC, National Post).

Rex, by the way, finds the idea less than Rapturous.

However one of our local  newspaper columnists, Grant LaFleche,
(St. Catharines Standard), holds the belief that Rex is hellishly wrong.

 He said so in a most entertaining article tonight, (no link available).

And I have to say I agree with Grant.

If an atheist is willing to put his/her life on the line to protect us
he/she deserves to have an atheist counsellor.



Oops, blush, blush ... I meant



Anyway, I've been thinking of adding an atheist blogger to my sidebar.

But the problem is that most atheists I've come across are annoying.

 If Jehovah's Witnesses didn't already have a patent on the door knocking
thing I'm sure atheists would be ringing our doorbells day and night with

'The Only Logical Truth'.

My friends, I'm going to be looking for an atheist blogger who will help me
see daily life through his or her eyes but who doesn't judge or proselytize.


Maybe I should just write to the Canadian Army.

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