Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You Can't Get Here From There, Francis

Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont of 10...
Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont of 1095, given a late Gothic setting in this illumination from the Livre des Passages d'Outre-mer, of c 1490 (Bibliothèque nationale de France) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You will not find the Divine Feminine through Christianity.

 Christianity is a rigid patriarchy that at best tolerates its
'lunatic fringe', (currently Rev. Matthew Fox and his followers),

at worst defrocks, excommunicates and burns them at the

There has been a lot of wonder this week because Pope
Francis said he doesn't judge gay people.


 There have always been gay priests.

If Pope Francis had said, "I think women should be equal
partners in the church and I think the Godhead should reflect

the fact that we are all children of the Spirit," then there would
be cause for wonder.


But he didn't.

And he won't.


You just can't get here from there.

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