Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Choking on My Own Words

Various different religious traditions have be...
Various different religious traditions have been labelled "pagan" over the centuries; including the Classical religion of ancient Greece (left; The Parthenon) and the new religious movement of contemporary Paganism (right; Romuvan priestess). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 My New Year's Resolution one year was to follow
the blogs of women who hold different beliefs than

I do and to try and find places of understanding and
peace between us. 


I found a young Muslim woman to follow, a Christian
fundamentalist, a lesbian*, a Catholic mom of eight

and a pagan.

The Muslim woman eventually quit blogging and the
Christian fundamentalist seems to have either drifted

away or removed herself from my unwholesome influence. 

I had lunch with Debra, (the gay woman), and her partner
when they were in my area and now consider them friends.

The Catholic mom has also hung in there with me.  She
makes curt pro-life comments every once in a while when

she disagrees with something I've said but that's okay. 

I generally wear my big girl panties when I'm blogging.  


The first pagan I followed is Magaly, the young, beautiful, black,

writer of dark fiction, born in the Dominican Republic, ex-US marine, 
witchy dynamo from Pagan Culture.

She is probably the blogger most unlike me and the hardest
for me to put in a comfortable mind niche.

So it shouldn't be a surprise, (although it was), that I have

learned the most about myself from her.

I'm telling you all of this as an intro to my next blog.
I'm going to talk about the day Magaly found out that

a bunch of Anglicans were adopting pagan practises.

Because, my friends, I've been choking on my own words for a

few days now.

*Debra is also a pagan but it is not always the focus
of her blog, She Who Seeks.


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