Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Happy Story

I have nasty neighbours.

And unfriendly.

They bought the condo next door awhile back
and the only good thing I can say about them

is that they have a sweet 12 year old golden.

Not that I ever got to know the dog.

Anyway they look to be in their early twenties.

They should be full of life, in love and happy.

But they are sour people.

The only conversation I had with the young man
went like this:

YM:  Your dog barks all the time.
Me: (puzzled because there are only two mornings

a week when Flynn isn't with me), She does?
YM: Yeah and my wife is pissed. She's gonna

write a letter.

And sure enough a note came from the condo board
addressed to everyone but complaining about barking

dogs (and kids on long boards).

So to try to mend fences I've been keeping my blinds
closed when I'm not here so that Flynn can't see any

passers-by but the neighbours remained cold.

Today Flynn barked and worried I hurried to the window
only to see that YM had parked his car in front of my house

and was lugging stuff from his place and putting it in the car.

I was outraged.

Why the heck wasn't he loading his car in front
of his own place?

"You're trying to make my dog bark!" I said.

"Yeah," he sneered and walked away.

I went and got my broom and leaned on it
like the crone that I am.

"I'm taking a picture of this for the next time
you complain about my dog barking," I said

and whipped out my cell phone.

That got his attention.

"Hey, there's a moving van coming in a few minutes,"
he huffed.

And, halleluiah, so there was.

Some stories have a happy ending.


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