Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Looking For A Green Warrior

Mike Schreiner, 2009Image via Wikipedia

I'm not displeased with the results* of the Ontario election.

I feel most comfortable when one or the other of the old parties is in power with a slight majority and the NDP has enough clout to keep them in line.

It appeals to my quest for balance.

And it works.

Or it did

until the NDP became a little too mainstream.  A little too comfortable in their own skins to be the scrappy fighters they used to be.

 So the Green Party seemed a good place to park my vote.

I like its social justice platform and the federal leader, Elizabeth May, is a dragon slayer.

The problem is that the Provincial Green Party Leader, Mike Schreiner, doesn't come across as someone with a hunger for change.

He looks like a really, really nice Liberal backbencher. 

Even his sad post election message to his supporters about watching the sun rise that morning bothered me.

The Ontario Green Party needs a warrior not a flower child.

 *Liberals are one seat short of a monority, Conservatives are the Official Opposition, NDP gained seats, Greens elected no one.

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