Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fear of Aluminum Warrior Robots

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"The problem with aluminum wiring is that heat causes the wires to swell. 

Then the electricity arcs from one place to another, finds a curtain, lights it on fire and burns your house down. 

You can stick some copper stuff in there and maybe fix it ...

Half the people in Port Dalhousie have aluminum wiring so don't worry about it."

That might not be exactly what the home inspector told  me yesterday after he found aluminum wiring in the tiny little townhouse that I was about to buy, but it is what I heard.

He definitely said something about swelling aluminum wires, arcing electricity, fixing it with copper and the foolhardiness of the people in Port Dalhousie.

My mind filled in the rest.

And I must say, telling me not to worry about it is like telling me that giant warrior robots from a galaxy not far enough away have landed but it's okay because they're one street over.  


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