Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Unmilky Way

Isn't this a sight for frozen eyes?

I went to the Rice Road Green House yesterday to buy bulk bird seed and I spotted it as soon as I my eyeballs thawed.

Anyway, I actually wanted to talk about my survey on eating cheese made from human breast milk.

If that doesn't interest you, then you can just enjoy the pictures.

Let's get started.

Seven people voted and ten people commented - most on face book.

Six people said they wouldn't try human cheese.

Three said they would.

One was undecided.

A bunch of people read the blog and didn't say anything.

The silent frozen majority, I guess.

When I first asked the question I didn't know that Health Canada had issued a warning against eating human breast milk because of the danger of HIV and hepatitis.

That's scary.

So forget about human cheese.

Somebody should be selling edible flowers dipped in chocolate.

In Canada. 

In January.


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