Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love the One You're With

Now that I've passed a birthday that puts me closer to 70 than 60 I'm starting to look back over my life.  

If there has been one lesson that I'd say I've been put here to learn it is how to look in the mirror and be comfortable/companionable with the person looking back.

The Universe Unfolding ... is a picture with a pattern, the route I thought my life would take.  My life is connected to the outside world of family, friends, lovers etc. and everything flows as it should.

'First Steps' shows the first break in the pattern.  There's a blip in the middle on the right but I managed to pull myself together and the flow of life resumes at the bottom right.

"You Gotta Leave With the One You Came With" shows a complete break with the flow of "normal" life.  But I still am looking for outside validation of my 'self', i.e., the end and the beginning are still easy to find.

But this is a current self-portrait.

I've turned inwards for validation.  The ends of the ropes that represent my journey are no longer searching for love in all the wrong places.  They've found each other.

There's no Alpha or Omega.
There's just me.

And I'm okay.

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