Saturday, April 12, 2014

She Who Heals the Sea

I sometimes think the Life Force, (that from which we come and to which we return), is neither good nor bad, male nor female.
It just is.  

Eternal but not unchanging.

I suspect that we have the ability to unleash and or harness Its power depending on which of the archetypes, (gods) have control of our collective unconscious.

The dark side of the alpha male archetype has had control for a long, long time. Wars, oil spills, genocide, misogyny, terrorism, soulless corporations and weapons of mass destruction are some of His calling cards.

For thousands of years there has been no strong archetype with the female attributes of birthing, feeding, nourishing and caring for the Earth and everything in it who has been strong enough to defeat evil and harness the positive male characteristics of protecting, building, defending, providing, etc.

But She is afoot.  

Or in this image 'aboat' might be a better term.

Archetypes grow stronger with each prayer, each new convert. It isn't too late.

Spread the word.


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