Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is There Life After Church?

As Christians watch more and more mainstream churches stagnate or close their doors it appears that some of them aren't prepared to go down with the ship in the traditional patriarchal manner.

Some really good and decent people are trying to grapple with the baffling question of what went wrong by incorporating rock music, multi-media, female pastors etc, etc. into their churches hoping to resurrect a dead horse.

My personal opinion is that we won't really be able to understand Christ's message of peace, compassion and equality until every Christian church is closed.

We need to start again.

In the image the divine feminine has surfaced from the deep waters under the church (symbolized by the fish).  The people in the water would rather drown than accept the milk she provides.

But there is hope - symbolized by the new birth that is happening.


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