Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cold Knees

In the 1950s in Merritton, Ontario, most women and girls went  to church
on Sunday.  We wore hats because if we didn't we would die and
go straight to Hell.  We wore gloves because...
Actually I don't know why we wore those white gloves, we just did.

My Dad didn't go to church because when he was clawing his way

across Europe in 1944 some army chaplain told him it was possible to get

into heaven without going to church. 

And that guy must have given that same message to a lot of men because

church was largely a women and children thing.

Except for the person in charge. 

That was always a man.

But we didn't question those traditions.

Not then anyway.

We just went to church as if it was a bodily function that was automatic.

Like eating, breathing and shitting.

And I didn't mind it, even had fun sometimes.

But holy cow I always had such fricken cold knees!


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