Thursday, October 24, 2013

Horror in Ottawa

Canadian television journalist Mike Duffy of CTV.
Canadian television journalist Mike Duffy of CTV. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I've never voted Conservative and over the years I've become cynical about
the motives of ALL politicians

so when I tell you that I believe that the PM is lying about his involvement
in the Senate scandal, it is the sad truth.  

Mike Duffy is a slightly different kettle of east coast herring.

I have never agreed with his politics but he was an amusing
TV political analyst .

I would not have wanted to have dinner with the chilly PM, but Mike Duffy? 
I would have jumped at the chance.

But because he was political and I have learned not to trust politicians
it isn't difficult to believe he was on the take. 

Which pisses me off no end.

Pamela Wallin's fall from grace, however, is difficult for me to process.  

Quite simply, I trusted her. 

Or I trusted her on air persona.   (Lesson there for me).

Do I hope that Duffy, Wallin and the others have their buttons sheered
off with a sword today, their epaulets ripped from their Senatorial
shoulders, their pension dollars turned into chump change and distributed
among the poor?

Unfortunately, I think the right thing to do is let them make their cases.

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