Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hallowe'en is so Dead

Halloween (Photo credit: Pedro J. Ferreira)

Some of my friends and former students have wondered why I'm against school Hallowe'en parties.

Hallowe'en is the night of the year when the veil between the dead and the living is thinnest - perhaps even penetrable.

And scary as that may be, until recently people who celebrated Hallowe'en often took the offensive. Sent their most precious and vulnerable into the dark night dressed as axe murderers, ghosts, ghouls and corpses.

On that one night of the year people used to laugh at Death.

After all, not many little girls who dress as a princess on Hallowe'en are going to marry into the royal family, but each one of them will die.  

So yes I am glad that schools are starting to do away with Hallowe'en parades and parties.  Few schools will allow gory costumes or anything that might allow children to start to come to terms with the fact that the grave is a place where we all must end.

I think that unless you happen to be a practising pagan, Hallowe'en is a mindless, sanitized, sugar filled symbol of  western soulessness and by celebrating it the way we do we mollycoddle children.   I think it is a true waste of school time.

But I still give out candy.





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