Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Die Betsy Wetsy, Die

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This week the St. Catharines Standard ran an editorial about a Mom whose daughter has cancer.

(Barbie worst role model when battle's life or death, Mon., Jan 12, 2012)

The Mother is putting pressure on Mattel Toy Company to make a bald Barbie.  She figures that it will be a doll with which her daughter will be able to identify.

She has started a face book page and is evidently getting quite a lot of support.

The editor was appalled by the idea.

I was appalled, too.

At first.

Then I remembered the day that I executed Betsy Wetsy.

It happened in my bedroom when I was seven.

 I marched her right up the imaginary scaffold and put the noose around her neck and let her drop.

I can't remember if BW had any last words.

 She dangled and swayed in mid air while I changed roles from cruel executioner to sorrowful family member.

Blumpy, my stuffed elephant, and I sobbed piteously.

 I remember being so satisfied with the performance, that poor Betsy Wetsy was executed several more times that day.

Play is the work that children do to help make sense of their world.

And sometimes the world can be a dark place.

Bald Barbie might not be a bad idea.

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