Thursday, January 19, 2012

2nd Annual Magic Pig Wand Contest

As you know Magic Pig Wands take
all of the calories
out of chocolate.

Sadly, due to the evil machinations of fitness clubs all over the world, they disappeared from store shelves some time ago.
You, however may soon be the proud owner of your very own, very unique Pig Wand because

it is time for the
2nd Annual Magic Pig Wand contest.

This is a picture of last year's wand, won by my friend, Lena, from Nanaimo, B.C.

So how can you win this year?
Well, it IS a Valentine's Day contest so of course the theme is
'Famous Lovers'.
Easy peasy, you say?
Romeo loved Juliet, Desi loved Lucy, Oscar wilde loved Lord Alfred Douglas ...

 There is a catch.

You see this year is  the Bicentennial of the
War of 1812.

We're celebrating 200 years of
peace with America.

It is a particularly big celebration here in the Niagara region.

We were occupied by American troops during that war and by the time they went home we were very tired of them stealing our chickens and inviting themselves to supper.

 So in honour of 200 years of peace with America,
(and chicken dinners without unwanted guests),
your famous lovers must have a connection,
 for good or for bad,
with both Canada and the U.S.
1. Laura Secord cannot be used.
2. You can enter on my face book wall or enter at my blog site or you can e-mail me.
3. You can enter anytime between now and Feb. 7/12.
4. You can only enter the contest once.
5. No more than a paragraph explaining your choice of lovers.

6.  The draw will be Wed. Feb. 8.
7.  Anyone, anywhere,  even former winners of my contests, can enter.

So here is the Magic Pig Wand at the beginning.
I'll be posting more pictures and contest news as it develops.

Good luck!
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