Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying Into the Cukoo's nest

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My elderly father has been in a Niagara hospital for over 3 weeks now.

I have no complaints about the way he is treated.

I do however, have a problem with the communication between hospital and family.

My questions and concerns about my father's well being are often taken as an intrusion into something that isn't my business or as  a personal insult to the professionalism of the nurse to whom I am speaking.

It is as if I've entered a reality game where I have to guess what the rules are, guess how to address the other players and worst of all guess how to make sense of the difference between what I see happening and what I am told is actually happening.

The Niagara health System is under a great deal of stress right now.

I am under a great deal of stress.

It isn't a good combination.


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

It can be terribly frustrating, I know. Hugs to you and I hope your Dad is able to go home soon.