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Have you been to their website?

It is worth a peak because those feisty folks that brought you the Tar Sands are fighting back.

And they are pure as the driven snow. 

Unlike monstrous Greenpeace which takes money from "giant foreign foundations" Ethical Oil depends on $5 and $10 donations from the little people like you and me.

I don't mean to sound sarcastic.

Maybe I do. 

Maybe I'm jaded.

Full of distrust.

Heaven knows they know how to reel people like me in.

Ethical Oil refers to its competition as Conflict Oil.

Conflict Oil is the oil we purchase from countries that treat women worse than cattle.

Places where women  and girls live in fear, can't vote, can't be educated, can't be seen or heard.

They ask if I wouldn't rather get my oil from, (big drum roll, wrapped in a maple leaf the size of Toronto), a DEMOCRACY like Canada,

especially when Canada is doing so much to minimize the impact the Tar Sands have on the environment and

after all wind farms kill thousands more birds than anything done at Fort McMurray...

Well yes,, I would, when you put it that way.

I don't trust you,

but in spite of myself,

I'm listening.

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