Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Gay Month of June

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It's Gay Pride month and this year I'm not going to complain about Toronto's annual parade, (Toronto's Gay Pride Parade - a Commentary from Somewhere in the Middle Class 6/25/10.)

But, me being me, I am going to make a comment.

A few years ago an old friend got in touch with me via face book.

She told me that she teaches at a College in California now but was coming to Canada for family reasons and then she asked if I would meet her and her female partner for coffee.

Her female partner?

I had to do a quick mind adjustment. 

A. is a lesbian?

And what did that mean anyway as far as friendship and memories go?

Nothing, I realized.

A friend is a friend.

We met at Tim Horton's and it felt like 1966 again.  We hugged and laughed and I liked A.'s partner as soon as we met. 

She is so warm and motherly you can practically smell fresh cookies baking when you are with her.

We spent some time catching up but not all of the stories we shared were happy. 

I was shocked to hear A.'s life story after we lost track of each other and until she met her present partner and came out. 

My heart ached for my old friend.

Everyone has the right to acceptance and equality.

My wish is that someday, if one is lucky enough to find a life partner, it will be the kindness and decency of the person that matter to others and not his or her gender.

My best wishes go out to the Gay and Lesbian community during their month of celebration.

Just behave yourselves at the parade, okay?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

My favourite month of the year! I've never attended Toronto's Pride celebration -- too big and crowded for me! I hear it's wall-to-wall people on Church Street that day.