Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doukhobours Want You Naked!

Doukhobours plan to take over Canada and force everybody into nudist colonies!

Preposterous? I agree and I think it’s just as preposterous as the e-mail I received this week telling me that Muslims are planning to take over Canada and impose Sharia Law across the land. The Muslim people I came across as a teacher in Niagara had no more interest in taking over the country than do the Doukhobours. They were gentle people interested in raising their families and practicing their faith in peace.

I am a fan of Doug Jamieson, AKA Geezeronline (twitter). His blogs are sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, whimsical, serious, thought provoking etc. In a recent blog he spoke about an e-mail he received recently. Although the scenario was different it was similar to the one I received in its anti-Muslim message. He writes so eloquently I am takng the liberty of quoting him here because I believe what he says is true.

“This kind of thinking is bred and spread among fearful people who move only among their own kind, feeling threatened by the "other." It is tribal, and flies in the face of Canada's desire to be a welcoming, multicultural, nation. It leads to division and, ultimately, to retaliation.” By Doug Jamieson/Geezeronline

I have one other thing to say this morning. A few weeks ago there was letter to the editor of the Standard from a woman, (I’m sorry I don’t remember her name), who asked why we are not hearing from the moderate Muslims in our communities. I have to agree with her. The woman who forwarded the worrisome e-mail to me is my friend, an educated, reasonable person, but as a new grandmother of a baby girl, she was frightened by its message.

Muslim Canadians must be more vocal. Tell us that you are as appalled by the terrorists as we are.

Tell us why being a Canadian is important to you.

*This blog was first posted to The St. Catharines Standard blogsite.


Doug Jamieson said...

Great piece, Francie. I love the title. I have signed up for the RSS feed for this blog, so will get all your updates.

I know several Muslims, and all are "moderate," wanting only to make their way and provide a good life for their families. I suspect that, like most newcomers, they are hesitant to be too vocal. This will probably change with the second generation, who will be more integrated into mainstream society.

GeezerOnline at

The Episcopagan said...

Your point about newcomers not wishing to be too vocal is well taken.

Thanks for your comment, Doug.