Saturday, November 2, 2013

Writing the Grandmother Prayer

Since I had my maternal DNA tested I have been almost
haunted by my grandmothers who came out of Africa and

slowly over thousands of years migrated to northern Finland
and then on to Scotland.

It feels as if they are as happy to have been discovered as I am
to have discovered them.
 And so I've been thinking about a prayer to honour them.

I like the idea that they are in front of me not in the past

- so that's where I started. 

But I knew I needed more.

Then when Magaly, , saw my

picture, "The Grandmothers", she left a message on face book that

more or less completed the mantra.

Thanks, Magaly!

The Meditation

Grandmothers, I can face the unknown because you 

light the way.

May your torches burn bright.
May your love give me strength.


P.S.  I apologize for not being more present in the blogosphere.  I have some other projects on the go & the visual arts muse is here so I'm usually at my drawing board when I have spare time. 


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