Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Aleck

My father took a turn for the worse today.

I've had this letter for a long time.
The Argylls trained in Jaimaica before they went to England for D Day.
The letter was written by his Captain (?) to my grandmother in March of 1942.

She lost her only brother at Vimy Ridge so this letter must have meant a lot to her.

March, 15th '42

Dear Mrs. McGlynn,

For quite some time past I've been intending writing you these few lines about your son - our Aleck.

The army life surely seems to agree with him for he's the picture of health and apparently he is happy as he, or any of us can be whilst separated from our families.  He is performing his duties very satisfactorily and I'm glad he's a member of our company - 'II'.

There is a good spirit in 'II' company.  We all work well together and so you can rest assured that any problems that Aleck and we may face in the future will be shared by us all.

These are dark days for our Empire but we can only continue to place our faith in God and do the best job wherever we may be.

 Sincerely yours,

C.J. (?)
Captain (?)

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm keeping you and your Dad in my thoughts. Blessings to you both.