Friday, October 30, 2009

A 7th Decaade Girl Goes Green

Some of my friends are in denial. They refuse to think of themselves as 7th decade girls. I tell them their 7th decade starts when they turn 59 because that's when they start their 6oth year which is the beginning of their 7th decade. I can't figure out why no one calls me anymore so that I can explain this in greater detail.

So hard for people who didn’t trust anyone over 30 at one time.

I was totally fascinated when Elizabeth May came to town to see who floated to the surface. I recognized some political types that I first came across when I worked on Audry McLaughlin’s campaign in Whitehorse. Where do they come, from these fearless gophers?? Brash?? Maybe hearty is a better word, women wearing muscle shirts and amazon personas.

The other type that wandered about were aging flower children. I actually had a knot in my stomach. 7th decade girls really shouldn't be still wearing what they wore to Woodstock.

Anyway, while the audience was interesting, Elizabeth May herself was inspiring and i ended up leaving my comfort zone as a lifelong NDP voter/sometimes actually party member and getting on board the Green Machine. One of the things I intend to talk about in this blog is our trials and tribulations as we organize here in Niagara - Glanbrook. By the way, someday I hope to find out where Glanbrook is.

Next time I have a few thoughts on the War of 1812 I'd like to share.

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